How to Work Around the Unhealthy Block

Posted 10/02/2017 | By HealthCorps

As people grow and mature, they are given more responsibility but this can lead to more stress. As a teen or kid with school to worry about, snacking seems like a great way to cope with the stress and also a mindless thing to do, taking no energy. As people age, this habit continues on and this unhealthy block can be hard to get around because people have no idea how to or where to even start. This unhealthy lifestyle of eating can and will catch up to the human body ending inevitably with weight gain, according to a study done by Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian and his team at Harvard. They studied 120,877 participants over a twenty-year period, with weight being checked every four years. Mozaffarian found that participants gained an average of 3.35 pounds every four years, as a result of eating more unhealthy foods and less vegetables and healthy foods. Many feel that once they are stuck on the unhealthy block, there is no way to change it however; there are many ways to change this habit. By finding ways to try new things, or new activities that a person is passionate about, they can help getting around the unhealthy block. Understanding how to make healthy choices is very important, especially as people become more independent. A great way to make healthy choices is to become educated about these choices. It becomes a lot easier to make healthy choices once a person understands how to be healthier. Personally, I often had a hard time dealing with the stress of school, but found that by understanding how unhealthy some of the foods I craved were, I was able to steer clear of them. Therefore, I found myself craving them less, because of the unhealthy properties they had.

Putting all blogs, books, articles, opinions aside, we all know it is tough to get out of the unhealthy block at first, but that is the truth with everything we face in life. Each day from the moment we open our eyes, life is faced with tough decisions and actions that may or may not affect us directly.  If no effort or try is put into something, there will be no outcome, because there is no change.

By Jackie Brenner


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