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If you don’t want to think about dieting then this may be the diet for you. It takes the guess work out of planning, shopping, cooking, and portion control. You make food selections and pick up (or have delivered) 30 days worth of meals. The types of foods you will receive are typically low in sodium, saturated fats and have no trans fats. Obviously the meals have portion control built in, based on you daily calorie needs.

The program started in 1972 but today’s version offers a low-glycemic approach, with an emphasis on including healthy, whole grain carbohydrate selections, as well as high fiber ready-cooked meals that you just need to heat and eat. You will find omega-3 rich foods and special attention to “fill up with less caloric” foods. Women’s meals typically average 1200 calories/day, while men are given 1500 calories/day. Costs hover around $300 a month, plus the cost of additional items you buy. Included in the program is a 12 week “Mindset Makeover” behavioral guide. Your success depends on changing behaviors so a diet and fitness guide, and support through an online community is also part of the plan. Exercise is strongly recommended.

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