Oklahoma Students Get Fed… Thank you HealthCorps & USAO!

Posted 05/23/2018 | By HealthCorps

Oklahoma Students Get Fed… Thank you Health Corps & USAO!

CHICKASHA, OK (April 11, 2018) — Ms. Kassandra Johnston is the Coordinator at Chickasha High School in the rural part of Oklahoma. On Friday, March 30, Chickasha Public Schools announced that they will be participating in the Oklahoma Teacher Walkout. Many worried about how the kids will be impacted and if they will be fed during that time. Kassandra talked about her experience in the community during the walkout:

“Most of the Chickasha Public Schools have free or reduced breakfast and lunches for the students. As a Coordinator at the high school, one of my responsibilities is to manage the CHS Student Resource Center, which provides feminine products, hygiene products, clothes, and food for the students. I knew that there were going to be students that were going to be hungry during this time of the walk out; especially since some of the depend on the free breakfast and lunch at school EVERYDAY.”

“In support of the teachers and the students, I decided to team up with the Education Department at the local college, University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma (USAO) to feed the Chickasha students free breakfast and lunch during the duration of the walkout. Many other organizations such as the local library and churches have also helped support the students by offering free food and day camps. So far, we have feed over 100 Chickasha Public School students.”

“It’s truly beautiful how the community has come together to take care of the children. It has been an honor being able to feed the Chickasha students during this hard time.”

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