HealthCorps Living Lab Sharpstown High School’s Healthy Bites Apollo Aid Project to be featured at WE.org national conference

Posted 03/20/2018 | By HealthCorps

HealthCorps Living Lab Sharpstown High School’s

Healthy Bites Apollo Aid Project featured at WE.org national conference

HOUSTON, Texas (March 20, 2018) – HealthCorps® (www.healthcorps.org), a national health and wellness non-profit, is pleased to announced that Sharpstown High School, a HealthCorps Living Lab, will be featured for its Healthy Bites Apollo Aid Project at WE.org’s national conference in Dallas, TX on March 20th.

The Healthy Bites Apollo Aid Project was started by Sharpstown High School teacher Carlos Quintero to provide immediate relief to families affected by Hurricane Harvey. HealthCorps partnered with Mr. Quintero to help him create this student-led service learning project. Funds for the project were raised by HealthCorps at the Healthy Bites to Save Lives events in October 2017. Mr. Quintero also crowdfunded online and received a generous match from the Good Hands for Harvey, Irma and Maria Fund Matching Program, supported by The Allstate Foundation and WE Charity. With funds from this project, Sharpstown High School students are able to execute ongoing monthly student-led distribution events of goods/supplies for affected families in the community.

To date, Mr. Quintero, his students and HealthCorps coordinator Rachel Carey have:

  • Helped two families in Katy, Texas rebuild their homes to a livable condition.
  • Accompanied 20 families to local grocery story, Fiesta, to purchase $2,000 worth of specific food and goods needed.
  • Opened up potential partnership with Fiesta to donate to future distribution events.
  • Created, marketed and launched a monthly “Apollo Aid” event (February 27th) at the school where: 54 families in need attended and 922 items (food and household items) were distributed to those families.

“HealthCorps is about real-world relevance for young people. Our partnership with Mr. Quintero and the Sharpstown High School students created a platform for immediate response to a natural disaster that impacted the well-being of thousands of young lives.  Thanks to our terrific Healthy Bites Festival sponsors, Chef Rocco DiSpirito, as well as We.org, students became an active part of rebuilding Houston ,” said HealthCorps President Michelle Bouchard.

Mr. Quintero, his students and HealthCorps coordinator Rachel Carey will present the Healthy Bites project and be recognized at We.org’s national conference. Southwest Airlines has provided 30 free plane tickets to fly students and staff into Dallas for the event.




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