HC Announces Sponsorship with Ascensia Diabetes Care

Posted 06/16/2017 | By HealthCorps

Ascensia Diabetes Care Teams Up With HealthCorps To Educate Students About Diabetes Awareness and Management

New York (June 15, 2017) – HealthCorps, a national non-profit organization founded by heart surgeon and Daytime Emmy award-winning host Dr. Mehmet Oz and his wife Lisa, announced today an exciting new sponsorship with Ascensia Diabetes Care.

According to Dr. Oz, “Diabetes impacts over 29 million Americans today and we know that the proper education in schools can go a long way in preventing the onset of Type 2 diabetes. Students can learn to make smarter decisions about the food they eat and maintaining an active lifestyle.” He added, “We are thrilled to have Ascensia Diabetes Care as a sponsor partner who can help us further evolve our curriculum with content and tools that can educate our students and their families about diabetes as a whole and how to proactively manage it.”

In late April Ascensia Diabetes Care kicked off the national launch of its new CONTOUR®NEXT ONE Blood Glucose Monitoring System on The Dr. Oz Show as the sponsor of the 60-Day “Take Charge” Diabetes Challenge. Participants with diabetes were encouraged to use the CONTOUR®NEXT ONE Blood Glucose Monitoring System to monitor their blood glucose levels and all participants used higi, the largest self- screening network in the nation, to sync up their activity trackers and monitor their weight and body mass index at over 11,000 self-screening station locations at major retailers across the nation. A professional food plan was also developed by the Dr. Oz Show as part of the 60-Day “Take Charge” Diabetes Challenge.

Robert Schumm, VP and Managing Director of Ascensia Diabetes Care US Inc., stated, “Diabetes is a condition that has reached epidemic levels in the United States. We are honored to be sponsoring this challenge on The Dr. Oz Show and working with HealthCorps to encourage better diabetes management and to raise awareness of the condition among all generations. We are excited to help organizations like HealthCorps bring diabetes awareness and education to the youth of America.”

HealthCorps will be working with Ascensia Diabetes Care to update its curriculum with relevant diabetes education content and tools that will be utilized within both the HealthCorps Living Labs and University programs.

About HealthCorps

HealthCorps is a national non-profit organization that gives teens tools to improve physical and mental health so they can learn to live more productive and happier lives. HealthCorps students exercise more, eat better, and practice positive thinking. The program will impact almost 1 million students across 21 schools in 2017.

The HealthCorps curriculum has been refined and developed in its in-school Living Labs program since 2003, where a full-time Coordinator is placed inside a high-need high school to mentor hundreds of students, teach health-related workshops, and promote a variety of during and after school activities. Coordinators are recent college graduates who go on to careers in medicine, public health policy, or wellness practices.

HealthCorps University is an intense professional development program that certifies participants to bring HealthCorps’ innovative health and wellness curriculum to their organization whether it’s a school system, community organization, or corporation. In 2015 HealthCorps teamed with CK-12 to distribute free, interactive and customizable versions of the HealthCorps curriculum for educators and students to use. For more information, please visit www.healthcorps.org

About Ascensia Diabetes Care

Ascensia Diabetes Care is a global specialist diabetes care company, dedicated to helping people living with diabetes. Our mission is to empower people living with diabetes through innovative solutions that simplify and improve their lives. We use our innovation and specialist expertise in diabetes to develop high quality solutions and tools that make a positive, daily difference for people with diabetes.

Home to the world-renowned CONTOUR® portfolio of blood glucose monitoring systems, our products combine advanced technology with user-friendly functionality that help people with diabetes manage their condition. We are committed to continued research, innovation, and development of new products and solutions. As a trusted partner in the diabetes community, we collaborate closely with healthcare professionals and other partners to ensure our products meet the highest standards of accuracy, precision, and reliability, and that we conduct our business compliantly and with integrity.

Ascensia Diabetes Care was established in 2016 through the sale of Bayer Diabetes Care to Panasonic Healthcare Holdings Co., Ltd. Ascensia Diabetes Care products are sold in more than 125 countries. Following the close of the transaction in all countries, Ascensia Diabetes Care will have around 1,700 employees and operations in 33 countries.

For further information please visit the Ascensia Diabetes Care website at: http://www.ascensia.com.

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