New Tricks To Stay Fit

Posted 03/29/2013 | By HealthCorps

To stay engaged with regular fitness, most people need fresh and new ways to exercise.  That’s why fitness professionals will frequently recommend adding new challenges and new types of exercise modalities to your fitness regimen.  So what’s new on the fitness front?

SurfSET Fitness – Imagine a surfboard that has been modified so that it sits on top of a secure step, but still moves and shifts with you.  You have to balance on the surface of the surfboard as if you are riding waves.  There are choreographed moves as well, and the core workout from the balance challenge is quite effective.

HITT or High Intensity Tactical Training is a new fitness program from the U.S. Marine Corps that has been compared to other rigorous, challenging programs like P90X and CrossFit.

Recent trends that are still experiencing popular growth:

  • Kettlebell workouts
  • Ballet Barre workouts
  • Fusion classes that combine two different types of exercise like indoor cycling and pilates.
  • Body Resistance, using your own body weight for resistance while doing a variety of different aerobic and muscle-building moves.
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