New study on trans fats and pregnancy, weight and more

Posted 01/05/2012 | By HealthCorps

A new study finds that the more trans fat ingredients a pregnant woman consumes during her second trimester of pregnancy, the more likely that she will have a bigger baby. Babies who are larger at birth tend to have a higher risk of obesity and other health complications.

A new study confirms that if weight loss is your goal, eating adequate protein is an important consideration. Protein and weight control may go hand in hand, because protein is satiating and also helps to build muscle mass. Consider adding some egg whites to breakfast or a small handful of nuts to your bowl of cereal. Make sure lunch includes a healthy serving of beans or fish. Add beans or cubed tofu to that dinner soup to add a protein punch.

A new study suggests that people with an extra copy of certain genes may be more likely to remain “very skinny” during their lifetime. Of course, consistent and excessive over-eating can thwart this gene!

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