A new magazine is born: Dr. Oz The Good Life

Posted 02/06/2014 | By HealthCorps

Our founder, Dr. Mehmet Oz, the Emmy-Award winning daytime television host, author of seven New York Times bestsellers and dispenser of daily doses of helpful medical tips on 1010WINS, is launching his own lifestyle magazine in partnership with Hearst titled Dr. Oz The Good Life.  His wife, co-founder of HealthCorps and best-selling author and TV host, Lisa Oz, is helping to keep close tabs on all editorial decisions.  Dr. Oz was recently interviewed by MediaBistro.com.  These are some excerpts from that exclusive interview.

The magazine, whose first issue debuts this week, was ten years in the making. “Ellen Levine, Hearst’s editorial director and I started talking about this a long time ago, back when I was doing Oprah,” said Dr. Oz in his first interview about his latest venture. “But I didn’t think I had the bandwidth back then. I wanted to wait until the time was right.”

Dr. Oz also revealed that the magazine’s big, bold design will make it easier for viewers to find what they want to read. And, of course, everything is communicated to the reader in a way that connects with her emotions as well as her brain. “People don’t change their minds based on what they know; they change because of how they feel,” he said.

But The Good Life goes way beyond health. There will also be plenty of lifestyle-related features, and topics like money will also be explored. “I didn’t want it to be all about health,” Dr. Oz explained. “The Good Life is about so much more. I love magazines and always have. My dream is that readers will rip out pages of the magazine and put them on their refrigerator. Whatever we are writing about, we are going to tell you what we’d tell our own families.”

In the first issue, Dr. Oz pens an opening letter and the back page will be a “call to action” from him. Future issues may feature stories with celebrities if there is something relevant to discuss that relates to readers’ lives. “Doing something with Tom Hanks about his diabetes would be something we would consider down the road,” said Dr. Oz.


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