New Food Trends

Posted 07/31/2012 | By HealthCorps

Crunchies, which offers freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, is now offering single serve packs, and some new flavors. Look for BBQ Roasted Vegetables, Herbed Spiced Power Veggies, Buttered Sweet Corn and Snap Peas. The single serving bag provides immediate portion control.

LaraBar is offering a new Uber Bar, made with whole fruits and nuts.

Enjoy Life Foods introduces Plentils, lentil-based chips. And Dr. Oz loves chips that are baked and high in protein since a small portion is quite satiating!!

Gorton’s is now offering frozen grilled fish entrees including salmon, tilapia, and haddock. That means you can have healthy entrees ready to heat in your freezer. Who says healthier has to be harder???

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