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Posted 03/20/2012 | By HealthCorps

Even mildly elevated blood pressure in young adults is cause for concern and associated with a higher risk for strokes, even if it is not high enough to even be called “pre-hypertension.” A first line of response to this very early diagnosis is to examine your diet and try and control salt intake. Some people can also be “salt sensitive,” meaning that even lower than typical intake of salt during a day’s worth of eating can spike their blood pressure. Just another health tidbit to think about.

Love sandwiches but realize that you are consuming way too many “grain type carbohydrates?” Bread companies to the rescue with thin slices, a new concept in bread sizing that allows you to have two thinner slices that typically clock in at 100 calories for both. Another option is to go “open-face” with your sandwich. Finally tortilla and wrap manufacturers are offering whole grain, lower calorie products as well. You can still have a sandwich or wrap and stay committed to your daily lower carb eating plan!

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