Minority Children at Higher Risk for Obesity

Posted 08/28/2013 | By HealthCorps

Kids who live in lower socio-economic environments are at higher risk of developing obesity.  Researchers back in 2010, who monitored black and Hispanic children from the prenatal stages to age 4, noted the higher likelihood of obesity (compared to more affluent children) because of the following risk factors:

  1. Mothers’ had higher rates of maternal depression
  2. The children typically had rapid weight gain in infancy
  3. There were lower rates of breastfeeding
  4. There was less sleep in infancy
  5. There was early introduction of solid foods (at or before 4 months of age)
  6. There were higher rates of maternal restrictive feeding practices
  7. More likely to find a TV in the child’s bedroom
  8. Higher intake of sugar-sweetened beverages from an early age
  9. Higher intakes of fast food
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