Meeting Some of Our New Coordinators

Posted 11/01/2012 | By HealthCorps

The young mentors, who commit to teaching the HealthCorps curriculum in high schools nationwide, are a special group of individuals who make some of the most pivotal changes on the frontlines of public health.

Highlighted below are a few of our newest HealthCorps’ coordinators and “what we like to call their WHY, as in- Why did you commit to HealthCorps?

Name: Felipe Valencia, Central California
“Why did I sign up to be a coordinator for HealthCorps?  I believe that leading a healthy life should be a priority in everybody’s lives. Everybody should have equal access to the knowledge and resources necessary to lead a healthy life.”

Name: Julia Nelson, Central California
“Why did I sign up to be a coordinator for HealthCorps?  HealthCorps will allow me to spend my days with youth, engaging them in health. This is a life passion of mine, and one that I have pursued through volunteer efforts in the past. I’m ecstatic to get to devote my days to this mission, with the support and guidance of HealthCorps.”

Name: Emily Grant, Central California
“Why did I sign up to be a coordinator for HealthCorps?  Being healthy is not just a number on a scale; it’s a balanced mind, body and soul. I believe HealthCorps strives to create individuals who are healthy inside and out; who make educated, lifelong changes that will not only benefit themselves, but their community as well.”

Name: Morgan Dorsey: Thomas McKean High School, DE
“Why HealthCorps?  After losing a significant amount of weight over the past couple of years, I am motivated to help fight and prevent obesity. I want to show teens that small changes to their diet and exercise can make a huge impact on their lives.”

Name: Jessica Thomas: Washington Mathematics Science and Technology Public Charter High School, DC
“Why HealthCorps?  We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” by Winston Churchill reveals why I choose HealthCorps. My main desire is to be an agent of change, by giving my knowledge, skills, and resources to others for a healthier tomorrow.”

Name: Brooke Ostahowski: Laurel High School, DE
“Why HealthCorps?   I have always been passionate about health and fitness and I want to make a difference in America’s youth. I want to encourage teenagers to eat healthy, exercise and appreciate who they are.”

Name: Alica Diehl: Patterson High School, MD
“Why HealthCorps?  HealthCorps and I share a mission to improve the lives of others by facilitating healthier lifestyles. As a coordinator I can devote my time and effort to a fundamentally important cause in a way that will help me learn information and practices that will also be very useful in my future endeavors.”

Name: Micheline Tocco: Woodrow Wilson High School, DC
“Why HealthCorps?  I am excited to be part of HealthCorps because I’m passionate about health, I love to share my health knowledge with others, and HealthCorps, empowers students, in their formative high school years, to shape who they are around a healthy lifestyle!”


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