Meet Tiger, One of Our Newest Ambassadors

Posted 12/20/2012 | By HealthCorps

Tiger is a young man on a journey to lose weight and get healthier, and he wants to inspire other kids and teens to do the same.  His battle with obesity began at around age 12, when he weighed 250 pounds.  By that point Tiger was taking a total of nine medications daily, for various conditions associated with his excess weight.  To date, three years later, he is a much healthier young man having lost 60 pounds and 12 inches off his waist.  He is currently off all medications.  Inspired by Dr. Oz, his main motivation now is optimizing his health.  He is trying to let his growth in height outpace any gain in weight.  Of course, he wants to continue to shed pounds, but his mantra is “just a pound a week can do it.”

Harper Collins released his book, Sacking Obesity, on September 4th.  You can go to the website  www.teamTiger.com, make a donation, learn about his personal cause, and receive an autographed copy along with a Team Tiger t-shirt and motivational wrist band.  When I asked Tiger about his ongoing efforts to lose weight and get healthy, he said:

“It’s been a really tough and amazing year because I was honored in so many ways (so positive), but I also lost two amazing women in my life to breast cancer. I can’t really say I have been challenged to stray from my journey (despite temptations); I have been further inspired to continue to reach as many kids and families as I can, the more I hear from those whose lives I have been able to impact. I want and need to get my book into the hands of tens of millions (of kids) who I know in my heart, can benefit from the story and information.”

When I asked him about his desire to collaborate with HealthCorps, he answered: “I owe so much to Dr. Oz for helping me to start my journey.  I had already supported HealthCorps (my Mom and I flew up and walked with him during Oprah’s Be Your Best weekend a few years back) so it’s kind of a pay-it-forward deal to me. I take the team part of Team Tiger very much to heart, and I feel like kids need to hear from a kid that’s been where they are, and knows what they’re going through. With the amazing people and support HealthCorps has, and all the great platforms I’ve been given, (I believe) that together we really can change the world one kid or one family at a time.”

As for his own personal insights on the current childhood obesity statistics and what can be done to reverse this alarming trend, he offered: “I’m not a doctor or a scientist or a teacher – I’m just a kid who has battled weight and (poor) health for much of my life, and I know these (issues) are frustrating for so many.  There are horrible diseases we have no answers for – but the #1 disease that’s robbing more kids of their future than all others combined is childhood obesity and WE have the cure!! We can change the world (and impact the obesity trend).  If HealthCorps and I can get this game plan (education and lifestyle change) to those who need it, then what greater mission could I have in (my) life?  I have given my whole childhood (away) to either being a victim of, or fighting this battle against obesity (and its associated diseases), so teaming up with HealthCorps allows us to work together toward the same goals.”

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