March 2018: Letter from the President

Posted 03/22/2018 | By HealthCorps

Dear HealthCorps Family,

One of the most compelling things about working at HealthCorps is that we continue to stay vibrant and relevant to youth in the context of a dramatically changing educational, social, political, and media landscape.

Our mission is to strengthen communities with the most innovative approaches to health and wellness to help the next generation be more resilient. This resilience is both mental and physical.

In this newsletter, you will see how HealthCorps turns its mission into action by activating Coordinators and students to use the skills they learn to meet the challenges of their world.

For example:

  • In the wake of the recent Parkland High School shootings in Florida, our Coordinators and students shared tools such as meditation, positive thought exercises, anti-bullying tactics, yoga and visualization, to help their friends deal with the anxiety and fears over their safety.
  • HealthCorps students at Sharpstown High School in Houston responded to Hurricane Harvey by rebuilding homes and lives.  They received recognition, at the we.org national conference funded by Allstate,  for their efforts.
  • HealthCorps students strengthened their families in Oklahoma by asking their mothers to sit down to dinner with their children for a home-cooked meal and conversation at least 3 times a week.
  • “Care-giving” HealthCorps students enhanced their ability to take care of younger siblings and addicted and chronically-diseased older family members by learning skills in self-care, life-saving (Texas Two-Step CPR) and prevention and recovery for opioid addicts.
  • HealthCorps Coordinators and Trainers helped educators meet students where they live digitally by instructing educators in digital curriculum through CK12.
  • HealthCorps is launching a fee-based HealthCorps University training in Houston on May 31st so educators and community leaders can learn and apply the simple life-skills we have discovered through our 15 years in some of the most challenged environments in the country. Learn more at https://www.hcuniversity.org! We are proud of the fact that what students learn is practical and replicable.

We hope you will support us at the 12th Annual HealthCorps GALA (Monday, April 23rd at the Ziegfeld Ballroom in NYC) and throughout the year so we can continue our critical mission.

Thank you for all your support!




Michelle Bouchard

President, HealthCorps Inc.

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