Managing Egg Allergy

Posted 04/05/2012 | By HealthCorps

Milk products are the leading allergen among young children, followed by allergy to a hen’s egg. Many of the kids who have egg allergy will often have atopic dermatitis and an allergy to pollen as well. You will also oftentimes find asthma in an egg-allergic child. The main culprit in egg allergy is the white of the egg, since it contains glycoproteins, including ovomucoid and ovalbumin.

Interestingly, heating the egg can decrease the allergenicity of some of the proteins (this is also true in milk, certain fruits and vegetables, but not in nuts and shellfish). So that means for some kids, that they may tolerate “egg ingredients” in certain cooked foods, and they may even, in some cases tolerate a cooked egg dish. Always check with your pediatrician before testing a theory like this.

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