Lose the fat

Posted 01/11/2012 | By HealthCorps

There are great recipe substitutions that support robust flavor without all the fat and calories. Practice new recipes that use these modifications at least one time before the main event, so you are able to taste test and adjust recipes.

  • Consider baking sweet potatoes this year instead of offering creamy, high calorie potato dishes. Drizzle a bit of molasses or add a dollup of low fat yogurt on top of the potato.
  • Lose the skin when eating the turkey meat
  • Use apple butter or fruit puree to moisten baked dessert recipes.
  • Use vegetable broths or carrot or beet juice instead of chicken or beef stock in certain recipes.
  • Baked apples and fat free frozen yogurt or ice cream is a delicious dessert. You can also skewer fruit pieces and drizzle with a bit of chocolate sauce.

For some more healthy recipes, check out http://www.doctoroz.com/ and click on the recipe finder.

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