Los Angeles Restaurants Join the “Smaller Portion” Trend

Posted 10/03/2013 | By HealthCorps

You could almost call it a movement, but in reality, Choose Health LA Restaurants is a recent partnership between the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, and local restaurants willing to produce and promote smaller portions of foods that they currently  offer, as well as new healthier meal choices for customers.  On average, consumers are eating outside their home four times a week, and this new approach to restaurant menus will help them to be more portion and calorie conscious.  It will also help parents to choose appropriately sized healthier meals for their children.  Dining out can still be enjoyable and tasty, with the availability of more fruits, vegetables, healthier beverages like low fat or fat free milk for kids, and overall, a bigger nutrient bang for your bucks.

When a restaurant joins the program, they get a large decal and signage to post in their window, signaling that they are going to offer customers:

  • Smaller size portion options of menu items that already exist
  • Healthier children meals that include fruits, vegetables, healthy beverages and non-fried foods
  • Chilled water, free of charge

The program also offers additional strategies and tips to restaurants like using smaller dishes, offering beverages in “up to 16 ounce size” or smaller, creating smoke-free outdoor environments, only bringing chips or bread to the table if asked by the patron, offering dressings and sauces on the side, offering more whole grain options and providing children with place mats that have healthy messaging.

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