Let a Music Playlist Fuel Your Urge to Exercise

Posted 12/21/2012 | By HealthCorps

If you’re struggling and searching for exercise inspiration, especially on a cold winter day, then let music inspire you to get moving.  Spending some time creating playlists may be the antidote to immobility during winter.  Some people actually exercise just to spend time with their favorite music.  So it makes sense to devote a bit of time to creating playlists of music you love, especially music with a beat that gets you exercising!!

You can even create playlists with varying song speeds so you incorporate interval training into your exercise experience.  A few songs with a faster beat interspersed among your standard playlist can inspire some faster-paced efforts during walking, jogging, biking or when you work out on an elliptical or stair- climbing machine.  You can exercise for the love of your songs!!

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