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Posted 07/16/2014 | By HealthCorps

People who ate three servings each of blueberries, grapes and apples per week were up to 26% less likely to develop diabetes type 2, compared to people who ate fewer servings of these specific fruits. Always eat “the whole fruit” and don’t assume that you can substitute juice in lieu of these fruits.

Room lighting can affect your decisions. Bright lights seem to inspire “more intense decisions,” both positive and negative. The study asked volunteers to rate a wide range of things including spiciness of a sauce, aggressiveness of a character in a fiction story, and feelings about specific words. Bright lights seemed to nudge stronger, more emphatic judgments. So the volunteers judged the sauce quite spicy, the fictional character more aggressive, and they felt better about positive words and worse about negative words, compared to a similar exposure in dimmer lighting. Experts say that based on this study you might want to dim the lights a bit before making an important decision, so you are less driven by strong emotions.

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