Kids Who Cook Learn to Love Nutritious Food

Posted 11/28/2012 | By HealthCorps

One of the easiest ways to get finicky kids to try foods is to involve them in the cooking process. That can mean letting them help with menu planning, taking them to the supermarket, asking them to taste-test and review foods, even putting them to work in the kitchen cleaning and prepping fruits and vegetables.  Introducing kids to cooking can mean exposing them to food education, and helping to facilitate the beginning of a love affair with healthy food.

Live in New York?  Some great cooking opportunities for kids include:

Of course, the Teen Battle Chef program that is part of the HealthCorps’ curriculum empowers teens to gain food preparation and cooking skills, as part of a team effort.  They learn all about food systems, gardening, basic knife and food preparation skills, reading recipes and of course to face off in cooking competitions.  For more on this program, check out:

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