Keep Your Mind Engaged to Keep It Young

Posted 03/21/2012 | By HealthCorps

I don’t often make direct product recommendations, but this free opportunity is too good to not share. In addition to keeping your mind active with puzzles, new learning opportunities and exercise, why not take an online course that will teach you new information and possibly help you to get a job?

If you log on to – http://www.codecademy.com – you will learn about online coding. It’s a whole new language, literally, and the bonus is that companies value an employee’s ability to code information online. It even means you can become proficient enough to launch your own website and maintain it. Check it out, and if online courses are not appealing, many affordable classes are being offered nationwide. One in NYC is offered by GirlDevelopIt, a group trying to help girls and women to become more experienced using HTML. Their classes are offered as “meet-ups,” and allow women who have been intimidated by computers to learn in a comfortable and unthreatening environment.

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