Kashi Partners with HealthCorps – A “Click and View” Raises Awareness and Donates!

Posted 05/16/2013 | By HealthCorps

Have you ever thought about the concept of “real food deficit?”  It’s the gap between what we think a healthy community should be and the harsh reality that most communities face.  Does your neighborhood have fresh produce available and affordable?

Kashi REAL Project wants to help people learn about this issue and ways to shape a healthier community, and it’s supporting non-profit organizations, like HealthCorps, to help empower the next generation.

HealthCorps has a chance to raise as much as $125,000 with your help.  Just click on this link to watch the video, and HealthCorps will receive $2.00 from Kashi.  Send family, friends, co-workers, anyone you know, to click and watch the video, so those two dollar donations multiply and roll in.

The money we raise will continue to support our efforts to touch thousands of teens, helping to teach basic nutrition, fitness and mental strength to over 142,000 students and counting.

Get real by watching the video short and inviting others to watch as well!!  Paying it forward will help HealthCorps to reach that $125,000 goal!!

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