June 2018: A Tribute to Dr. Mark Warfel, HealthCorps Advisory Board Member 2008-2018

Posted 06/08/2018 | By HealthCorps


The first time I peered into the glass windows of Dr. Mark Warfel’s clinic in Manhattan, I was fascinated by the office interior and incredibly curious to know who had created this fantastically cool place.  Surgeons are seldom known for their knack for interior design.   The receptionist gave me a brochure of their services and told me I could speak with the doctor if I wished.  One of the handsomest men I had ever seen, strolled out and explained with a slight Southern lilt, that he had designed the office and that he had been torn most of his life between pursuing art (sculpting) and medicine.  So, he became a sculptor of faces and bodies.

Mark Warfel

Although his profession focused on appearance, Mark valued intrinsic beauty and strength of the soul more than anything.  He helped everyone who asked.  He was greatly loved by his seven nieces and nephews.  He believed passionately in making the world a stronger, better place.

When I asked him to help HealthCorps and join the Advisory Board, he signed up and stayed for the next 10 years.

He believed in HealthCorps and in his commitment as a board member, even in the face of challenge.

In the face of a swift and rare leukemia, he personified the HealthCorps mission of resilience.

“If I don’t make this year’s Gala, I’ll make the next,” he said to me in March.

You will always be there in spirit with us, Mark.  Thank you for all you did to help us change the lives of millions of young people.

A public memorial service will be held Thursday, June 14th at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City at 10 a.m.

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