Jamie Oliver’s Big Rig Mobile Kitchen Classroom Visits Hoover High in San Diego, California

Posted 07/17/2014 | By HealthCorps

The Jamie Oliver Big Rig Mobile Kitchen Classroom chose San Diego as its last stop on its 40 week tour. The Big Rig parked at Herbert Hoover High School in City Heights from April 26th through May 31st. Every Tuesday through Saturday, during that time period, five free cooking classes were offered to Hoover students and the community at large. These classes covered a wide range of food recipes, from easy and quick breakfasts to delicious, cost-effective dinners. The first three classes on Tuesday through Friday were reserved for Hoover students exclusively, and Shonique White, the coordinator at the school collaborated with teachers all across the campus, to choose students eager to learn a new skill. The classes were taught by individuals from all over San Diego, who are passionate about food, farming, and fresh ingredients.

Shonique’s students were so excited that Jamie Oliver had chosen their school as a stop on the tour. They were also incredibly motivated by the classes, and a few choice students offered these quotes:


“I’m going to be a Chef….. I want to do this all the time!” – Freshman male student

“I can make this at home, it will be easy.”- Freshman female student


“We did a good job, huh? It’s really good, right Ms. White?” -Freshman female student

“I like this salmon. I didn’t think I would like it, but I like it a lot and I can eat this all the time.” -Freshman female student.

Teachers were also “pumped” by the experience and two teachers offered:


“This is so awesome. They’re just different kids (when they are cooking) in here,” – English Teacher

“They’re so excited! And they were showing me the pictures of what they made; they were so proud!”- English Teacher

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