It’s Valentine’s Day and Dr. Oz says “Go Dark”

Posted 02/14/2013 | By HealthCorps

If you are going to give the gift of chocolate then it’s important to know that most if not all of the health benefits associated with chocolate can be credited to the antioxidant power of the cocoa flavanoids you will find in most of the dark chocolate options that contain a significant amount of cacao (over 60%).

Dry cocoa powder is the best source of magnesium.  In fact, Dr. Oz has a top 10 “musts” list when it comes to eating for better health and the list includes a small amount of dark chocolate.

At www.chocolate-for-health.com, Dr. Oz weighs in on the science behind dark chocolate: “Numbers also count when it comes to dessert,” Dr. Oz says.

“When you need a sweet treat, reach for a little bit of chocolate—and a brownie doesn’t count! Don’t go for the milk chocolate either,” says Dr. Oz. “You need dark chocolate with 70 percent or more pure cocoa to reap the benefits of flavonoids.”

“Flavonoids are these really powerful, vitamin-like substances that when you eat them, guess what they do? They dilate the arteries of the body,” Dr. Oz says. “We actually have data they may be beneficial to the heart. So a little bit of dark chocolate is a wonderful healthy dessert.”

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