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Posted 05/17/2016 | By HealthCorps

Herbert Hoover High School -Rosa Sanchez



(Comité Organizador Latino de City Heights yoga session and meeting)

While the HealthCorps program is geared towards educating and motivating students within high schools across the country, we are always thrilled to see when parents, motivated by their teens progress, rally together to make a difference. Comité Organizador Latino de City Heights, is one such group. A group of parent volunteers, this committee organized a series of workshops to inform parents about preventing childhood obesity and living a healthier lifestyle.

Numerous parents got the chance to participate including Rosa Sanchez. When asked about what she got out of the series of workshops, Rosa said, “I was impacted a lot and it brought me joy that others were getting involved. I had been suffering from nasal hemorrhages and it was because of my high blood pressure. Clínica Móvil confirmed that I had been doing a good job taking care of my blood pressure.” La Maestra’s Clínica Móvil is an RV that can locate to any site to provide basic health and dental needs. “These workshops informed me that even though I’ve improved my health, there are many other ways to continue improving. Even though I’m busy working, I am looking to exercise more,” said Rosa.

Delia, Vice President of Comité Organizador Latino de City Heights, explained that Univision, a popular Spanish language television network, came to interview members of the Comité. “They took hours filming our segment and we were excited to show them what we do. We’re very proud of all we’ve accomplished,” said Delia during the Hoover High Wellness Council meeting. Delia says their number one goal is to do outreach to their community and help other people around City Heights through workshops and events. Comité Organizador Latino de City Heights HealthCorps salutes you!

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