Is there such a thing as too much exercise?

Posted 11/01/2013 | By HealthCorps

Most American children and adults do not meet the minimum daily requirements of exercise.  That means that most of us are not engaging in meaningful fitness activities that raise our heart rate for an extended period of time (aerobic exercise) nor do we work out with weights, on a regular basis.  But in some cases, an individual can develop an unhealthy relationship with exercise.

Exercising too much or in extreme ways, can actually be harmful to your health.  The following questions may help you to determine if your exercise efforts are too extreme and unhealthy:

  • Do you exercise vigorously 7 days a week without varying the intensity of your workouts – meaning easier days and harder days?
  • Do you skip social events in order to exercise?
  • Do you exercise more than once a day?
  • Are you in a holding pattern and not seeing any changes in your physique despite vigorous daily exercise?
  • Does your exercise leave you feeling exhausted versus energized?
  • Are you experiencing mood swings?
  • Are you experiencing delays in recovery time, with persistent muscle soreness?
  • Are you experiencing persistent mental fatigue?
  • Are you experiencing new insomnia?
  • Are you noticing that you are experiencing more colds or other illnesses and have slower recovery times?
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