Is the color of the potato important for health benefits?

Posted 01/17/2012 | By HealthCorps

In the case of a new study, yes. According to the researchers, eating purple potatoes may help to specifically lower blood pressure. The study involved 18 overweight and obese patients who either added “6 to 8 small purple potatoes” with the skins, daily to their eating plan, while the second group entirely skipped eating the potatoes, over a 4 week period. The potato consumers saw a drop in their diastolic blood pressure (that is the bottom number of your blood pressure reading). The researchers have suggested that the same impact might be seen from consumption of white or red potatoes. They chose to use the purple variety, which is increasingly being seen at Farmer’s Markets and in supermarkets.

The conclusion was that many people are eliminating potatoes from their diet because of health concerns about carbohydrate consumption. Based on this research individuals might be missing important nutrients by skipping potatoes. It is important to consider how that potato is prepared. Choose roasting, boiling and baking as healthier preparation techniques.

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