An Inviting Gym Keeps its Members Coming

Posted 08/29/2014 | By HealthCorps

You may have seen those commercials on television for Planet Fitness, where members join because they feel intimidated or uncomfortable at other gyms. A new study suggests that is possibly the right approach to gym membership. When exercisers believe that the environment within their gym is positive, caring, and supportive, they are more likely to commit to exercise on a regular basis and have higher satisfaction inside and outside the gym setting.

The study was based on surveys of nearly 5,000 exercisers who exercised at a fitness chain with studios nationwide. The survey aimed to gauge the connection between attendance at the gym and perception of staff behaviors, motivational climate, and even future commitment to exercise, as well as overall life satisfaction.

Respondents who gave the staff high marks and who felt most comfortable at the gyms, focused more on attaining goals, instead of assessing how they looked compared to other members (which can cause body image anxiety and overall dissatisfaction). Those who found the gym environment positive also reported their intentions to continue working out. They also were more likely to interact with other club members, which fosters a buddy support system.

The most interesting finding was that individuals who were really happy with their gym experiences reported high levels of life satisfaction.  That means that the positive gym experience had a carry-over effect on the rest of their day, and their lives in general.

For more information on this study, check out: http://ow.ly/zsjon

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