Mindfulness Techniques Help Sharpstown Student Zack Powell Make Positive Changes

Posted 01/23/2017 | By HealthCorps

Zack Powell is a senior at Sharpstown High School in Houston, Texas. He has made some important changes in his life, thanks to HealthCorps and his coordinator, Kenai McFadden. Powell is a football player who works hard to excel at everything he does. According to McFadden, Powell stops by the HealthCorps classroom during his free period nearly every day to work on his school assignments.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m disturbing his flow in my own classroom,” said McFadden. “Zack is one of the most charismatic and reliable HealthCorps Heroes at Sharpstown this year. He owns up to his aptly-given name, Concrete, in all that he does.”

An active participant in many HealthCorps activities, including the Apollo Market and helping with Health Fairs, Powell has taken the skills that he’s learned and applies them to his own personal life. He uses 10@10 mindfulness techniques, such as positive self-talk and journaling, to enhance his own life and become a more well-rounded person.

“Mr. Mac showed me about meditation my junior year. It was something that I delved into very deeply,” shared Powell.

McFadden added that with regular participation in HealthCorps meditation and health events, Powell has become cognizant of eating regularly and being mindful and self-aware. “Whenever I feel hungry, I’ll just come to the classroom, get an apple, and talk to Mr. Mac,” said Powell.

“If there is anywhere Zack might be lacking, he makes up for it with his attitude, determination and ‘Concrete’ spirit,” which truly shows up in his role as captain of the football team, said McFadden. “I fully expect him to do very well with life after high school.”

Powell currently is committed to play college football on a scholarship in Iowa.

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