If it took you years to gain the weight, it may take time to lose it for good

Posted 12/23/2013 | By HealthCorps

Though you may know someone who lost substantial amounts of weight quickly, or you’re a big fan of certain TV shows or books that showcase “fast and furious weight loss success,” most experts feel that  losing weight and keeping it off, takes time.

So if you face fifty or more pounds of weight loss, you need to mentally prepare for the long journey necessary to shed those pounds.  When your diet allows you to pace and institute lasting changes, you get the chance to implement necessary habit changes and get used to them, so they have traction when you are tempted.

A diet plan is considered 80% of the weight loss formula.  Exercise is about 20% of the plan and certainly crucial when it comes to changing one’s body, by building lean, toned muscle.  Exercise will also allow you to consume some extra calories.  It will help to nudge weight loss during plateau periods in your diet.  But you do have to consistently “shake up” your exercise program in order to avoid boredom and maintain challenge.

If you run and bike, consider adding some days of hill walking and using an elliptical.

If you weight train with free weights, shift to using exercise machines for a bit

If you are a swimmer and dancer, consider adding some kickboxing and interval resistance training to your routine

If you are a yoga enthusiast, consider adding indoor cycling to your fitness regimen

If you kickbox exclusively, adding some Pilates and Zumba may enhance your overall workouts.

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