How to Get an Effective Workout at Work

Posted 01/25/2016 | By HealthCorps

If your typical day is non-stop flurry of activity with barely a moment to grab a restroom break or lunch, then you’re probably skimping on exercise. Maybe the solution is to sneak fitness activities into opportune moments throughout the day, so that you accumulate workout minutes. Here are some ways to get a complete office workout:

Stand and sit – One of the easiest exercises you can do is to stand and sit 20 times. To kick it up a notch, stand and “barely sit” each time so you actually do squats. Make sure your feet are hip distance apart, toes pointed straight. Increase the difficulty further by pulsing and hovering over the chair for a count of ten on your last squat. Do this several times a day.

Swivels – If you have a swivel desk chair then you can work out your oblique muscles and core by lifting your feet slightly off the floor, holding on to your desk with both arms only slightly bent, and twisting from side to side. Keep you core muscles tense and don’t let the wheels role. You can do 20 repetitions side-to-side and repeat two or three times during the day.

Pushups – If you are waiting for something to print at your desk, waiting while the coffee machine dispenses coffee, or even waiting for a stall in the restroom, you can do wall pushups. Accumulate as many as you can throughout the day.

Bicep curls and shoulder presses – Grab two 16 or 32 ounce water bottles and use them as free weights for a set or two of bicep curls and shoulder presses. If you have time, you can add in front raises to shoulder height (straight arms), straight arm side raises, and triceps kickbacks.

Leg kick-backs – If you find yourself standing you can also put all your weight on one leg and let the other straight leg simply kick back (foot flexed) for a series of repetitions, tightening your butt muscles with each backward kick. Switch to the other side. Do a set of 15 repetitions on each side.

Balancing on one leg – Another standing exercise, balancing on one leg involves tightening your core muscles. You can increase the challenge by closing your eyes. Hold either pose for a count of 20 – 30 seconds and then switch to the other side.

Find other activity moments by shunning the elevator or escalator and always taking the stairs. Biking to work or parking your car a distance away and walking for 15 minutes to and from work is another way to accumulate fitness minutes.

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