How do I stick with an exercise regimen while traveling?

Posted 08/02/2013 | By HealthCorps

Between jet lag and the disruption of being away from your regular routine, you may be challenged to find ways to fit in exercise while vacationing.  Typically if you are visiting a foreign country, you will probably walk a lot, which can help you to preserve your level of fitness, especially if some of the walking involves hills or outdoor hikes.  Consider checking to see if the hotel has a fitness center or if there is a gym nearby so you can schedule a few early morning or late afternoon exercise sessions.  You can also travel with elastic bands and add pushups, crunches and other simple exercises to a “hotel room workout.”  It may be fun to explore some fitness classes at a local gym.  A foreign language challenge can add some additional fun to a new fitness experience!!

A week away from exercise will not set you back too much, but after about seven days, your metabolic rate may slow down marginally, making weight gain weight a bit easier.  Since it’s also typical to eat more while traveling., it’s important to walk daily or sneak in some exercise to counterbalance those extra calories.

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