How do I decide if a fortified food is worth the cost and really provides benefits?

Posted 05/04/2012 | By HealthCorps

Here are the most popular “fortified foods” and how they rate:

Fortified orange juice – If you like to have a cup of juice daily, then it may be worth the extra cost to get plant sterols from brands of fortified orange juice, as well as calcium. Make sure you are getting at least 400 mgs. of plant sterols and remember to tabulate all the sources of calcium in your daily diet, so that you don’t get too much – especially if you also take a calcium supplement.

High fiber breads, cereals – Since getting enough fiber in your daily diet is important, meeting daily recommendations of 14 grams of fiber per every 1000 calories you eat can be challenging. If you eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains, then you’re probably getting a decent daily dose of soluble and insoluble fiber. Making sure that your bread, grain and cereal choices are good sources of fiber is certainly a good investment. Unsweetened bran cereals and old fashioned oatmeal is a good place to start.

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