How can I take dietary steps to lower my blood pressure?

Posted 01/31/2012 | By HealthCorps

One of the best diets to help you to lower your blood pressure is called the DASH Diet. You can learn more about this diet at www.dash.org. Specifically you want to eat foods rich in potassium like vegetables, fruits, fish, beans, low fat dairy like milk and yogurt. Avoid high sodium foods like soups, processed meats, pizza, and many restaurant dishes that are typically salted for flavor.

Can you tell me what the Fluzone flu shot is?

It’s a new vaccine that actually debuted last year. It is designed for seniors or people age 65 and older. It provides four times the viral proteins offered in the traditional flu vaccine, so it’s expected to trigger a more significant immune response in individuals who receive this flu shot.

Talk to your doctor about the pros and cons of this particular shot if you are considering it.

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