How can I fit exercise in my over-scheduled life?

Posted 12/14/2012 | By HealthCorps

H.I.T. may be the answer.  It stands for high intensity training, and it allows an individual to exercise for as little as 20 minutes daily, instead of the usual 30 to 60 minutes recommended by most fitness and health experts, but to still reap the rewards and benefits provided by longer exercise routines.  This exercise model involves introducing high intensity regular intervals within your shorter workout.  For example, you might jog lightly for 4 minutes and then do an “all out” run for sixty seconds.  You then keep repeating the interval till you complete a full 20 minutes.  Or if you ride a stationary bike, you might ride at a resistance of 3 or 4 for three minutes, and then introduce a one minute all out effort at a resistance of 6 or 7.  You keep repeating the interval for the duration of 20 minutes.

Fitness experts say this kind of training efficiently burns calories and can improve your overall stamina and fitness abilities.  It’s also is a lot less boring then just staying on a machine, somewhat challenged at one pace, for a full 45 to 60 minutes.  Give it a try.  Your waistline and schedule may thank you for it!!

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