Hope You Got a Pedometer as a Holiday Gift!!

Posted 12/28/2012 | By HealthCorps

If not, run, don’t walk, to buy one.  Pedometers date back to the time of Leonardo de Vinci, who sketched a version, a pendulum for walkers, in the 15th century.  “Step counting” as it’s called, may not be a magic bullet for weight loss, but it can inspire you to walk more and walking can nudge weight loss and certainly help to bolster your health.

Some experts believe that just like a watch prompts you to be on time, a pedometer can clue you in to the lack of movement in your day, inspiring you to take more steps.  Or it can allow you to set and track walking goals that intensify, as you become more fit and active.  Parents can compete with kids for “steps taken in a day” and then use special rewards to inspire kids to stick with their walking program.

There are simple pedometers that simply track steps, or more sophisticated models that track speed, distance, pace, time, laps and even provide GPS navigation.  Some even communicate with iPhone apps, enabling you to enjoy games and other challenges to keep you motivated.

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