Over the past two years, HealthCorps has been delivering impactful programming to the Good Shepherd Center in Los Angeles, CA because we’ve learned when families experience homelessness, their health and wellness takes a back seat.

We are looking to expand our mission by providing programming to those experiencing homelessness in other markets across the nation.

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Did you know?

Across America in 2018, nearly 553,000 individuals, of which 36,000 are children,  experienced homelessness on one given night.

Additionally, each year, an estimated 700,000 youth under 18 experience homelessness at some point as a result of parental mental health issues, parental abuse or neglect, severe family conflict or being forced to leave home after sharing that they are pregnant or identify as LGBTQ.

Homelessness impacts their education, increases their risk of serious health, emotional, and behavioral problems, endangers their safety, and stunts their over development.

Parents and children of homeless families are more vulnerable to illness and likely do not have access to continuous health care. They also lack in awareness, opportunities, and resources to make their own lives healthy.

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