Hope for Health: A Letter from Ejiro Ntekume

Posted 10/15/2019 | By HealthCorps

My name is Ejiro Ntekume, and I am a HealthCorps coordinator at the Good Shepherd Center in Los Angeles, CA.

In the past 8 years I have worked as a public health professional in several communities throughout California. From health programming for adults in Santa Rosa to health education for children and teens in Oakland, CA, I have contributed to the health and well being of hundreds and thousands of individuals. My time at the Center, however, has shed a new light on the work I do. While here, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with, and serve, a resilient, diverse, and often times overlooked population. Providing health programs to the homeless community at the Good Shepherd Center is a journey that has revealed the importance of programming such as HealthCorps.

Known as the “Homeless Capital of the Nation,” over 50,000 people experience homelessness each night in Los Angeles County, and over 30% of the homeless are women and children. Many times, when women are experiencing homelessness with their families, their health takes a back seat. Having the HealthCorps program is a friendly reminder to the women, at Good Shepherd, that their health is essential, not only for themselves, but for their children as well. During my time as at the Center, the women and children have taught me the beauty and importance of an experience.

Through the HealthCorps programming, many women are experiencing healthy meals for the first time, many are engaging in physical activity for the first time, and many are finding their strength, confidence and voice for the first time.

Thanks to your support, the clients at the Good Shepherd Center have been given a robust health and wellness program that provides them with essential life skills that impact their day to day life, transitioning the idea of a healthy life from a “first”, to an ongoing process and lifestyle.

Your gifts and support of HealthCorps truly make a difference and are enriching, not only for this community, but for my life as well.

On behalf of my team at the Good Shepherd Center and HealthCorps — THANK YOU!

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