Spread the Love on Valentine’s Day

Posted 02/05/2018 | By Delphine Remy

The world renowned month of romance and love is upon us. And with it the festivities that celebrate the fondness couples, families or friends share for one another. While traditionally St Valentine’s Day has been recognized as a day of loving expression among couples, it has become more and more a day parents with young children use to strengthen bonds with their children through expressions of appreciation and gratitude.

Love and appreciation

  • Makes children physically healthier.
  • Increases brain development and memory.
  • Creates a stronger bond between parent and child (or husband and wife).
  • Help children (and others) feel safe and less fearful of failing or trying new things.
  • Helps children develop other expressions of enjoyment and happiness.


  • Express feelings of appreciation as they happen.


  • Thank you mom for helping me organize my room. Thank you dad for taking me to park this weekend. Thank you Susan for helping me with my homework. I really appreciate it!
  • Thank you my son or daughter for being who you are.
  • Showing a loved one how much you love and appreciate them will only have a positive impact. This Valentine’s Day spread the love by going the extra mile to show those you love how much they mean to you. Below are a few ideas for spreading the love on Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy a special meal together. Meals with my family are my favorite. My husband travels often, my oldest son is currently volunteering in Australia and my youngest son is quickly becoming a young man! Very soon I will have an empty nest and that is why we each value this time together to share our support for one another. Our children impact and influence us in the same way we influence them.

Treat Valentine’s Day as a special day. Set the table for a fine feast, light a few candles or perhaps arrange a bouquet, and prepare a family favorite. Try my recipe(s) Coconut Panna Cotta , Guilt Free Chocolate Spread or my Chocolate and Avocado Mousse for dessert.

Love by giving back. What makes me most proud as a mother and wife is that my husband and my sons are each generous and kind in nature. They take an interest in people, social issues, environmental issues and are active in the community. We have always encouraged our boys to get involved and taught that their participation in the community makes a difference.  

Giving back to friends, family or the community can nurture life skills and values in children and adults alike. It develops strong social skills, interpersonal skills and ethics. When we have opportunities to spend time with Nana on the weekend or help the community center down the road – we are not only giving back to others, we are giving to ourselves. Studies have found that our body responds very positively to giving back. It lowers blood pressure, increases self-esteem, lessens the effects of depression and stress and promotes longer happier lives.

This Valentine’s Day think outside of the box of what others can do for you and consider what an impact you can make by doing for others through expressions of love and appreciation.

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