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Posted 01/05/2018 | By HealthCorps

It is a New Year, and it is time for a New Start. This is the time when a lot of us make New Years resolutions.  What is number one on the list for New Years resolutions? The number one New Years resolution is to stay fit and healthy including losing weight.  According to Forbes, only 8% of those who make resolutions actually stick to it.

What can we do to be healthier without failure?  Here are a few suggestions that can get you started.

Set realistic goals

If you want to lose 20 or 30 pounds in one month, re-evaluate your goals.  If you want to drop 5 dress sizes in 2 months, re-evaluate your goals.  An average of 1-2 pounds a week weight loss is healthy.  Start off with health choices, which include diet, exercise, and abstinence of things harmful to your body.

Take your time

Remember that Rome was not built in one day, and slow and steady wins the race.  We all want to see results. However if we treat this like a marathon rather than a sprint, we will see better results that will last a lifetime.

Get an accountability partner

There is power in numbers.  Connect with someone who has similar goals to you and use positive encouragement as a tool.

Write everything down

Keep a journal.  Write what you eat when you eat and how much you eat.  Keep a log of  your physical activity and inactivity.  It’s nothing like seeing it in black and white to keep you on track.

Start off slow then pick up steam

Do not put your body into a state of shock.  Start off slow.  If you have not been in the gym in years, do not go hard 7 days a week.  Move into a healthy way of living and advance.  You will get there.

Cheers to a New Start!

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