Historical Field Trip Turns Hydration Lesson

Posted 07/13/2016 | By HealthCorps

Edison High School, Fresno, CA

Funder: Walnut Board

No matter where a coordinator is they can implement HealthCorps mission. In chaperoning a field trip with 28 students, 2 staff members and 2 parents, Jessica Inoke put together a project to try and get the students to eat healthier and to drink more water.

During her lessons she communicated to her students that dehydration and poor eating habits could increase their level of exhaustion during their travels.

On the first day of the trip she distributed a HealthCorps water bottle, a pedometer and a chart to fill out to receive P.E. Credit. Each student drank a minimum of three water bottles a day and walked about eight miles a day on average. At most places there was an unlimited supply of soda but most students chose water over juice or soda. Those students that did choose soda at meal times would then drink water after to stay hydrated.

During the trip, Jessica did mini lessons on hydration, sleep, nutrition and other health matters with the students. The issue of proper hydration was not only brought up by Jessica but also by the school’s bus driver and several other tour guides. Jessica Inoke’s lessons received praise from the high schools staff as well, Douglas Wilkins had this to say, “Out of all of the years that I have been doing this trip the kids have eaten less candy on this trip and have drunken more water. The next time I do this trip I will definitely use all of your lessons.”

Jessica suggests using a similar model when chaperoning students on long distance trips. This field trip was just another way for Jessica to reach a group of students she might not have normally interacted with and to pass on one of the most basic HealthCorps norms!


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