Relish: An Adventure in Food, Style and Everyday Fun

Posted 05/09/2013 | By HealthCorps

Daphne Oz, daughter of Dr. Oz, co-host of The Chew, bestselling author of The Dorm Room Diet, now offers simple, practical and personal advice to help you eat better and live a better life.  The lifestyle guru shares tips to help you relish food, enjoy your home, and improve your health and happiness.

The book has beautiful color illustrations showcasing food and décor possibilities.  Daphne wants you to relish food, because food should be delicious.  Many of the recipes are lower calorie, most use healthy ingredients, and yes, some are special delectable treats, to be savored.  Love, love the Grapefruit Thyme Spritz.  Daphne also believes life should be beautiful – whether it’s home style, beauty style or wardrobe style – and she offers styling tips and tricks that are simple and affordable.

The book has a wide variety of recipes and not all of them are necessarily low calorie but they do offer wholesome ingredients and healthy fats, and the point is that some dishes are meant to be relished daily, while some might be considered treats, to be relished and enjoyed a bit less frequently.  Some favorites from the book – Oz Family Stir- Fried Rice, Vegan Cauliflower Pesto Rice, Cumin and Coriander Hummus, and Broiled Grapefruit with Candied Ginger and Basil.  Daphne also provides a pantry primer which will help readers as a shopping and organization tool.

Like most women, Daphne juggles life and decided to use her own trials and misses as a guide to practical solutions that form a template for other women to follow.  The goals that she shares involve maximizing and reaching your potential, without aiming for perfection.  As Daphne points out, ” Relish is a verb, an action, as in pull out the laundry list of things you meant to do, and (finally) do them…..If you’re waiting for the moment when  a timer will go off, and you can finally start investing in yourself the way you want to…life won’t wait around till your ready.”  She is hoping to inspire you to keep exploring and improving your life, finding a balance between your career, your relationships, family, and fun time.

Think of the book as part cookbook, part insights, sprinkled around mouth- watering recipes, beauty, lifestyle and entertaining tips and tricks, coupled with friendship and relationship insights, all delivered with the ease of someone who continues to learn and experience life with……relish!

You can purchase this book at and at local bookstores.

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