Highlights from the field – What’s been going on at HealthCorps lately?

Posted 06/17/2014 | By HealthCorps

From a school in the South East:

School: Coral Gables Senior High, Miami, FL

Coordinator: Val Butler

Highlight/Special Project: School of the Month with Miami-based Synergize Fitness

  • Coral Gables Senior High has been selected as school of the month by Synergize Fitness (through nomination of staff and Ms. Val). Synergize Fitness is a fitness training company in Coral Gables that offers diverse services in physical training, nutrition, and wellness.
  • As the school of the month, ALL Gables faculty and staff members are welcome to join the fitness center and participate in available activities, FREE of charge.
  • Coordinator Val is working to bring in a personal trainer from Synergize Fitness to the next staff meeting.

From a school in the North East:

School: Abraham Lincoln High School

Coordinator: Annette Slonim

Highlight/Special Project: Go Green! Smoothie Tasting Café O’Yea

“My success story from this past month was our “Go Green! Smoothie Tasting – Cafe O’ Yea.” The event was planned with a group of students who come to my room every day during 7th period and had been expressing an interest to help run an activity. We discussed the smoothie recipe together. Students designed a poster with the nutrition information, highlighting March as National Nutrition Month, and (the teens) completely ran the Cafe O’ Yea for 5 consecutive lunch periods on their own (I just watched). Twelve students were involved in the preparation and running the booth, and over 200 students participated in the activity. We created a menu of fitness challenges that students had to complete in order to earn their Green Smoothie sample, and many students came back for more or took the recipe card home with them. We won over many skeptics who would NEVER have considered putting spinach or other leafy greens in their smoothies.”


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