Here’s a rundown of some unique HealthCorps happenings and testimonials:

Posted 10/09/2014 | By HealthCorps

Anayeli Zavala at NOVA Academy and Luz Aceves Gonzalez at Coachella Valley High School are hoping to continue the Re-Think Your Drink campaign, ongoing at both schools since last fall, thanks to a grant from the RAP Foundation (Regional Access Project Foundation). This campaign expanded their efforts towards encouraging more water consumption through projects such as purchasing and installing new water stations, infused water stations, and re-usable water bottle giveaways. The water station at NOVA Academy was recently upgraded to a stainless steel outdoor unit. They have reapplied for the grant.

Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s Ginn Academy was honored for its healthy practices at a summit in Washington D.C. this past September. The district manager of Alliance for a Healthy Generation, sponsor of the Healthy Schools Program, identified Ginn Academy as an example that other schools should strive to follow. Ginn Academy was awarded bronze status, the program’s third highest level.

Ginn Academy, an all-male high school, was recognized for steps such as starting a cooking club and holding “salad days.” The Friends of Ginn Academy raised money for a new fountain to ensure access to clean drinking water. Students grow greens for salads in planters in an atrium at the school. The school has received a $42,000 grant to improve the atrium and add an outdoor garden.


My student shared with me his new exercise goal of joining cross country, he said he is feeling better, has lost weight, and now enjoys adding chia seeds to his water with some lemon for a refreshing and filling drink.”

Luz Gonzalez, Coordinator

A student who would often visit my office last year stopped by to tell me that he kept up with his new healthy habits over the summer and is feeling incredible!! He reported feeling more energy, being happier, focusing better in school, and feeling more confident. He was always very into exercising but last year realized that if he doesn’t eat well, he’s undoing the progress he makes from working out. So he started eating well and drinking more water and kept up with his exercise habits, and he’s never felt better!!

Hiba Abousleiman, Coordinator

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