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Posted 01/14/2019 | By HealthCorps

By Blaire Hirt | HealthCorps Coordinator 2017 – 2019

Every new year tends to bring on the infamous “New Year’s Resolutions” debate and the choice between losing weight, eating healthier, or journaling before bed are the most common. What if your resolution to yourself didn’t have to start right as clock strikes midnight or even on a Monday, these commitments to making you a healthier person can start any day or time you choose. Making a commitment to becoming a healthier individual can be as simple as drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up. Small changes add up to monumental progress with consistency and perseverance. These are three different categories where you can make small changes and build on throughout your journey to becoming a healthier individual in 2019.

  • Stretch every morning for 5-10 minutes
  • Go for a walk at your convince for 10-15 minutes
  • Start resistance training style workouts at home for 15-20 minutes
  • Dance, run, jump rope, swim, garden, bike; Any form of fitness for 20-25 minutes
    • Dance- play 6-7 songs and get up and dance to them
    • Run- indoors or outdoors this can be 1-3 miles depending on your speed
    • Jump Rope- with or without the rope count how many jumps you can get in a row
    • Swim- suit up and get in as many laps as you can within that time
    • Garden- plant new flowers, pull weeds, mow the lawn and the house will look beautiful too
    • Bike- lace up your shoes and see how far you can go in that time
  • Write down 1 thing you are grateful for everyday
  • Find 2 things to laugh about each day (i.e watch funny videos, read a story, tell a joke)
  • Tell someone that you appreciate them once a week- write a note, call, or text them
  • Buy a new book and find time each day to read
  • Give back to your community- volunteer, bring donations to an organization, clean up a park/beach/neighborhood/lake
  • Drink a full cup of water every morning
  • Eat a full breakfast everyday (includes: protein, whole grain, fruit/vegetable)
  • Consume less sugary beverages and substitute with infused or regular water
  • Limit the number of processed foods in your weekly habits (such as: chips, candy, pastries, canned or frozen meals, packaged snack foods)
  • Enjoy each meal mindfully- slow down while chewing to really appreciate what you’re eating
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