Healthy Cats Put on a Health Jam

Posted 09/14/2016 | By HealthCorps

Kate Shelton,  Fresno, CA

School: Sunnyside High School

Funder: Walnut Board

Coordinator Kate Shelton and her Healthy Cats put on a “Health Jam” (a Café O Yea Fair) in the lobby of the gym prior to the annual student v. staff basketball game. The event was a incredible success and showcased four student created and run Café O Yea booths with a Space Jam theme.

When students at Sunnyside High School expressed sadness that they could not run a health fair this year, Coordinator Kate Shelton created a COY Fair to give them the opportunity to host a kind of mini health fair.

“The event was really fun and informative. People seemed to enjoy the booths and asked lots of questions about ingredients of the healthy snacks,” said Mala Bouttavong, student at Sunnyside High School.

Many students commented that they thought that packing healthy snacks was a great idea to share with friends.

“People weren’t just there for the prizes,” said Mala, “They actually seemed interested in the information. Students were also really grateful for the prizes and seemed to appreciate us being there filling time before the game.”

“Students created four COY booths, focused on: sugar in energy drinks, healthy snacks, alcohol abuse, and physical fitness. A couple hundred students attended and won many prizes,” Coordinator Kate Shelton.

What an amazing job! HealthCorps salutes you Kate!


Healthy Cats


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