Healthcorps Wellness Challenge At NOVA Academy a Success

Posted 07/09/2015 | By HealthCorps

Anayeli Zavala, the coordinator at NOVA Academy in Coachella, CA, created a wellness challenge that rewarded participants for “engaging in healthy habits.” Each staff member from the school who participated in the challenge was assigned a partner, and together they came up with a team name to use for the competition.

Teams like “Healthy and Happy,” “Slim Possible,” and “Health is Coming,” were created and the teams then amassed points based on healthy habits.

Sleeping 7 hours = 5 pts

Cooking a healthy meal = 5 pts

Eating 2 servings of fruit = 5 pts

Eating 3 servings of vegetables = 5 pts

Drinking 8 cups of water = 5 pts

Exercising = 5 pts for every 15 min (2 hour maximum)

The competition took place over a month’s period and of course, in addition to a winning team prize, the health benefits were a winning bonus for all the participants!!

Special mention of teacher Brandon Equilis who lead the team staff competition!!

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