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Posted 07/18/2013 | By HealthCorps

With offices in New York City and Sacramento, HealthCorps’ is located in places where changes in “health-style” and public policy are happening.  Mayor Bloomberg will be leaving his political post in New York City shortly, but he appears poised to leave a legacy of changes that improve people’s health.  His efforts to push through limits on sugary drink size continue.  He was recently heralded for bringing the CitiBike program to New York City and its surrounding boroughs.   He has just started an effort to push for composting, with the idea that consumers throw away too many table scraps that could be composted in a bin and picked up, along with regular trash, by the Sanitation Department.

In California, year round temperatures support outdoor exercise and activities.  A recent US News & World Reports’ analysis ranked several California counties among the 50 healthiest counties in the nation for children.  Los Angeles has also passed a ban on plastic bags in food stores, requiring people to use paper or reusable bags, or pay ten cents per plastic bag used to pack their foods.  And according to The Sacramento Bee, “Tens of millions of dollars in outreach grants are set to be awarded next week (July 23)  in a massive campaign to persuade uninsured Californians to buy coverage as a linchpin in the looming health care overhaul.”

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