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February 22-24, 2013

Contact:  Karen Johnson, Chief Communications Officer, HealthCorps


WHAT: HealthCorps, a national non-profit co-founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz and his wife Lisa to combat the childhood obesity crisis, will participate in the 3rd Annual Green Schools National Conference February 22-24, 2013, in West Palm Beach, Florida.

WHEN&WHERE:  HealthCorps coordinator Alli Reid and students from Hialeah High School will demonstrate the program’s popular Teen Battle Chef Program at the Opening Reception Friday evening.

HealthCorps’ Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Shawn Hayes, will lead two break-out sessions, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

HealthCorps will have a booth (#503) staffed with HealthCorps representatives for the duration of the conference.

To schedule an interview with Dr. Hayes, HealthCorps coordinators, or panel participants, please contact Karen Johnson –, or 703-362-7582.

HealthCorps’ full schedule of events is listed below:


Friday, February 22, 2013

5:30 pm – 7:00 pm: Exhibit Hall Reception Booth 503 – Teen Battle Chef demonstration and samples prepared by students from Hialeah High School

Saturday, February 23, 2013

7:00 am – 8:15 am: Exhibit Hall Booth 503

10:15 am – 7:00 pm: Exhibit Hall Booth 503

1:00 pm – 2:15 pm: Breakout Session lead by Dr. Shawn Hayes: Bring Power to Your Partnerships: Practical Stories (Panelists: Family Cook Productions (Teen Battle Chef), Yoga Across America, 4Point4 and Delos Living) Palm Beach County Convention Center, 1I.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

7:00 am – 12:30 pm: Exhibit Hall Booth 503

8:30 am – 11:15 am: Solution Summit with Dr. Shawn Hayes: Addressing Barriers to Healthy Eating in Our Schools. Palm Beach County Convention Center, 1L.

WHO: HealthCorps®, a 501 (C) 3 co-founded by Dr. Oz, the two-time Daytime Emmy® Award-winning host of the two-time Daytime Emmy® Award-winning “The Dr. Oz Show,” and his wife Lisa, is building a movement to fight childhood obesity by getting to the underbelly of the crisis and helping Americans discover what they are really hungry for and why.

HealthCorps “Coordinators” carry out unique in school and community programming targeting high-need populations. Using peer mentoring to deliver a progressive curriculum in nutrition, fitness and mental strength, HealthCorps Coordinators give teens purpose, help develop human character and inspire an interest in health and culinary arts careers.

HealthCorps also serves as a unique research laboratory — exploring the complex, underlying causes of the obesity crisis and discovering and communicating solutions. HealthCorps is bringing many initiatives together to address the “Whole Child” and activate the students’ mind, body and spirit. As a result, HealthCorps is transforming the educational paradigm one school at a time.

The program network currently spans 66 schools in 14 states (AZ, CA, DE, FL, LA, MD, MS, NC, NJ, NY, OH, OK, OR, TX) and the District of Columbia.

In the fall of 2012, the organization introduced HealthCorps University, a new “train the trainer” professional development program that makes the HealthCorps principles and curriculum available to virtually any school.


FamilyCook (FCP) brings people of all ages together around delicious, affordable fresh food while positively impacting their health and well-being. Since the late ’90s, FamilyCook programs and curricula have reached over 100,000 families across the US. FamilyCook provides evidence-based programs/curricula and the training to embed nutrition education through hands-on cooking in schools, community organizations, on farms and other settings around the country.

Teen Battle Chef (TBC) is an FCP Youth Development Program exploring culinary, food systems and gardening education, while battling obesity and chronic disease.

Presently, Dr. Hayes is the Chief Academic Officer and Director of Research and Education for HealthCorps. In this capacity, Dr. Hayes is charged with curriculum development and implementing, designing and conducting efficacy studies on the interventional components of the HealthCorps program as well as grant making. Additionally, he has oversight of the organization’s education program including HealthCorps University, the education program managers and coordinators.

Prior to joining HealthCorps, Dr. Hayes worked in the healthcare industry and academia. Dr. Hayes was a professor at Penn State University’s Hershey Medical Center in the Heart and Vascular Institute in the Neural Control Group. His areas of expertise are neurophysiology and cardiology. Specifically, he studied how the nervous system controls the cardiovascular and respiratory systems during exercise, and how these neural mechanisms are altered by diseases such as heart failure.

Before teaching at Penn State, Dr. Hayes was an Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine at University of California, Davis where he studied autonomic function and neural control of exercise. Dr. Hayes received his Ph.D. in integrative physiology from UC Davis as well as his postdoctoral work at the Center for Neuroscience.

Shawn was very active in postdoctoral scholars programs and issues and was the Chair of the UC Council of Postdoctoral Scholars and subsequently their faculty advisor. He has helped develop and implement postdoctoral policy for the University of California, the NIH and other organizations. Additionally, he developed and founded the Peer Mentor Program for graduate students at UC Davis and wrote the Postdoctoral Scholar’s Mentoring Checklist.

Dr. Hayes is invested in the mission of HealthCorps and likes to lead a healthy and active life through his rock climbing adventures and yoga classes.

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